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Artificial calla lilies have become very popular, since they offer a low maintenance, long lasting, allergy free alternative to fresh calla lilies. Another advantage with the artificial calla lilies is that you can order them well in advance. When purchasing fresh calla lilies for a special event, you will usually not receive them more than 24 hours in advance, which means that there is little to do if the flowers turn out to be of the wrong size, shade or quality.

The most common artificial calla lilies are the silk calla lilies. Today, you can purchase silk calla lilies of very high quality that will look truly lifelike.

This type of artificial calla lilies can make it possible to decorate a wedding chapel, formal dinner or similar with an abundance of spectacular floral arrangements even when some of the guests, or even the bride and groom, are suffering from a several floral allergy.

Even non-allergic couples frequently opt for artificial calla lilies as wedding decorations since artificial calla lilies have a much longer lifespan than fresh calla lilies. What can be more romantic than decorating the table with flowers from your wedding day when you are celebrating your 1 st, 5 th or even 50 th anniversary? Some couples even choose to include artificial calla lilies from their wedding in the interior design or their home or office. This way, they will be constantly surrounded by a beautiful memory from their special day. Since the calla lily is such a versatile flower, it is not hard to make wedding arrangements made from artificial calla lilies look great in an ordinary home environment.

Artificial calla lilies can also be turned into the ideal wedding favor, since your guest literary will bring a little piece of your wedding home with them. If you friends and relatives that were unable to attend your wedding ceremony, e.g. due to illness or geographical distances, you can send them flowers from your wedding and thus include them in your special day.

Artificial calla lilies do not have to be lifelike imitations of fresh calla lilies. Calla lily cake toppers made from glass, silver or crystal are also a form of everlasting artificial calla lilies. Some couples opt for a calla lily shaped wedding cake, or decorate the dinner table with exquisite artificial calla lilies made from supreme quality white chocolate and white marzipan

Different types of artificial calla lilies:
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