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A calla lily wedding band is the ideal symbol of love to give the woman who adores the powerful and stylish calla lily. A calla lily wedding band can made from many different metals, including 14 and 18 karat gold and white gold. Silver or steel are two other options, together with the increasingly popular titanium.

A calla lily band is often made using the old filigree technique where metal treads are twisted together until they form an evergreen calla lily bridal bouquet. This way of creating a calla lily band trace its origin back to the Phoenicians, and the method was later carried to perfection by Etruscans and Greeks during a period that stretches from the 6 th to the 3 rd century B.C.

When a calla lily band is created by a skilled filigree expert, fine pliable threads of the metal of your choice are curled, twisted and plaited until they form an elaborate union in the shape of a calla lily band. Small metal grains or beads are typically placed on the junctions, and a more delicate calla lily band will require some type of framework to protect the shape of the calla lily band from everyday wear and tear.

Ordering the calla lily band from India is becoming increasingly popular, since Indian craftsmen have preserved the millennia old filigree technique and are capable of working with metal pieces no thicker than coarse hair. The metal is heated in a simple pan of charcoal and subsequently beaten into wire. The entire calla lily band is made using nothing but hand labor.

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