Black Calla Lilies

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Black calla lilies are dramatic flowers that will dominate any floral arrangement with their strong personality. Some people are afraid to use black calla lilies, but the truth is that these flowers are highly suitable for a wide range of occasions. A chic and simple vase filled with powerful black calla lilies will instantly add character to any room; especially when the rest of the interior design sticks to a low key less-is-more style. Black calla lilies can also be used for a striking corsage that turns an okay outfit into something gorgeous and head-turning. If you want to keep your black calla lilies in a vase, a white or transparent vase are two great suggestions. In a white vas, the contrast between the white color of the vase and the black calla lilies will produce a spectacular effect. In a transparent vase, you can twist the tall stems of the black calla lilies and make them a vital part of the floral arrangement.

The traditional white calla lily hails from a species named Zantedeschia aethiopica, but the colored cultivars, including the black calla lilies, are typically derived from three other species - Zantedeschia albomaculata, Zantedeschia rehmanni and Zantedeschia pentlandii. All the various Zantedeschia species are native to the African continent and belong to the family Araceae. The black calla lilies are actually purple calla lilies - the dark and saturated purple shade was gradually encouraged by calla lily developers and hybridization experts until black calla lilies finally occurred. Both Zantedeschia rehmanni and Zantedeschia albomaculata will display pinkish colors in the wild (but the first species can also produce orange, white and egg-shell shades).

Today, calla lilies are grown not only in Africa but in many other parts of the world and you can therefore usually get black calla lilies regardless of your location. They are however more rare than the traditional white calla lilies, and starting you search for black calla lilies well in advance is therefore recommended. If you are unable to find black calla lilies in your home town, you can always take a look at the many online florists that ships black calla lilies. Many of them are less expensive than traditional florists, especially if you need plenty of black calla lilies for a special occasion.






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