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When you want to create a calla lily boutonniere, you must of course start by selecting the design of the boutonniere. Sizes, shapes, colors, flower species and fillers should be carefully combined since they will all contribute to the overall appearance of your calla lilies boutonniere. Make sure that you have a reliable supplier that will provide you with the necessary flowers and fillers on your big day. If you are planning to wear a calla lilies boutonniere for prom, you should contact a florist well in advance since they tend to be very busy during prom season and can run out of flowers. The same is of course true if you are attending any other ceremony during prom season.

The calla lilies boutonniere is popular due to several reasons. The calla lily is a powerful flower capable of standing up for it self, and it is therefore ideal in a small floral arrangement. You can also combine a large calla lily with a few smaller ones in a calla lilies boutonniere, or add other flowers and fillers to the arrangement. The calla lily can be obtained in a wide range of different gorgeous colors and is therefore easy to match to the color theme of a celebration or your lady’s dress. For those allergic to flowers, it is possible to have a lifelike silk calla lilies boutonniere made that will look just as great as the real thing – and last much longer.

The most common type of calla lilies boutonniere will consist of a midsized calla lily. Greenery and/or Gypsophila paniculata (Baby's Breath) are often added to a boutonniere as fillers, but are certainly not mandatory. If you are creating your calla lilies boutonniere yourself, you should use a sharp knife to cut the stem of the lily to a length of roughly three inches. If your calla lilies have been delivered with the leaves still left, you can use the leaves as decoration. Some calla lilies have very good looking sword shaped leaves, but they are sometimes too big for a boutonniere. Proceed by creating a bed of greenery for your calla lily. Most florists prefer to keep the bed slightly lower than the top of the flower in a calla lilies boutonniere, but this is of course a question of personal preferences. If you are using Gypsophila paniculata, you should place it between the greenery and the calla lilies. Add the calla lily or calla lilies, wrap the stems together and secure them using green floral tape. You can also leave the stems unwrapped and secure them using florist wire. The amount of floral tape must of course be kept down, since you don’t want the tape to show. Use a matching satin or silk ribbon to tie a bow around your calla lilies boutonniere. Make sure that the ribbon is covering any florist wire or floral tape. A ¼ inch ribbon is usually enough. The calla lilies boutonniere must be stored in a cool room where the air is not too dry until its time for you to wear it.

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