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A calla lily cake topper is a great way of enhancing a calla lily themed wedding. Many couples choose to save their calla lily cake topper and use it every time they wish to remember that species day, such as wedding anniversaries. Since the calla lily is such a versatile flower, the calla lily cake topper can also be used during celebrations of other special moments in their future life, such as the baptism of a child.

sing fresh calla lilies as cake toppers are naturally also very popular. You can either use one solitary flower as calla lily cake topper, or have a florist create a special calla lily cake topper floral arrangement that contains several calla lilies or combine the calla lily with fillers and other flowers.

A flower replica made from silk or similar materials is also very popular as calla lily cake topper.

If you want to use a calla lily cake topper made from metal or glass, you can have it customized by engraving your names, monogram and wedding date. A porcelain calla lily cake topper can be hand painted to display this information. A calla lily cake topper made from metal, glass or porcelain can be kept simple or decorated with ribbons, pearls and even precious stones. You can also let the calla lily cake topper form the center of a floral arrangement on top of the wedding cake.

A third form of calla lily cake topper is the edible cake topper made from marzipan or sugar. Both marzipan and sugar cake toppings can be saved as a memory of the wedding day. If you decorate the top of your wedding cake with many small cake toppers made from sugar you can let each guest have a calla lily cake topper as a wedding favor.

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