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Immortalized in paintings of artists like Georgia O'Keefe, the Calla lily bouquet is one of the most breathtaking sights of all. The pristine white purity of the flowers cast a glow of austerity and innocence. They look regal and noble at the same time. The long shoot and the twirl-shaped flower are beautiful enough to steal one's breath. Some peculiarities are inherent in this flower. The Calla lily goes by the name of 'lily', but in reality is not a 'lily' at all. The beautiful and majestic trumpet shape that we associate with these waxy blossoms are not flowers, but are made up of modified leaves. The Calla lily has long-petioled basal leaves that arise straight out of a thick rhizome. The flower is a solitary funnel shaped showy spathe that looks as if it is in the process of unfurling. The Spathe is 6-9 inches and it tapers as it goes down. A Spadix arises from the center of the Spathe.

The blooms of the Calla lily may be pink, yellow or white. The white blossoms are the most popular in the bridal bouquet. The plants bloom between March and June. The flowers also carry a mild fragrance.  The flowers are usually used as the focal point in any flower arrangement. The Calla lily may not be a flower, but it is as popular as it is demanding. The plant grows in the warm tropic climates. The foliage as well as the blossom is easily damaged by frost. That is what pushes the price of the Calla lily bouquet high. The plant can be cultivated at home, but needs a lot of care. The payoff is equally high - Callas make a strong visual statement and the shelf life of a Call lily bouquet is quite a long one. The colored Callas are the hardiest of all.

If you need a wedding ceremony that is so majestic and sophisticated that it becomes a standard of elegance, then it is best to use Callas as your wedding statement. The Callas were introduced into America in the mid nineteenth century. They are the natives of South Africa. The immense popularity of these flowers is evident in the many photographs and pictures of these flowers. By the 1920s these flowers became a rage in the American society. And today also, their popularity as well as their significance has not waned.

Calla lily bouquets are popular as bridal bouquets. The pristine purity of these white blossoms and their regal appearance is well suited to the majesty and purity of the wedding ceremony. These lilies are symbolic of the purity of the virgin bride on her wedding day. The Calla lily bouquet also has another significant contribution to make. Their quiet and subdued elegance focuses attention on the beautiful gown of the bride and adds a special flavor to the visual appeal of the bride. With its delicately shaded centers and its long pure lines calla lily bouquets are the embodiment of sophistication.

Today, there are special Calla lilies that are grown organically. These are shipped straight from farms, just before the flower opens. Since these are sent with extra long stems, it is possible to arrange them in a lot of imaginative ways. To keep the stems from dripping liquid in a bouquet, there are commercially available sealants that help to hold the liquid in. Before arranging the flowers the stems have to be recut, and the stems must be kept in a mix of warm water and floral preservative for a few hours. The arrangement must be kept away from direct sunlight, heat vents, drafts and air conditioners. Any blooms that show signs of wilting must be removed. To prolong the vase life of the Calla lily bouquet, recut the stems and clean the container thoroughly after 3-4 days.

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