Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

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The Calla lily bridal bouquet is one of the most beautiful and majestic of all bridal bouquets. The long stemmed beauties are at once elegant as well as flamboyant. The waxy white flowers and the beautiful fragrance it emits are both equally pleasing. The word 'Calla' means 'Beautiful' in Greek. And the flower indeed is beautiful. The long stemmed flower is a solitary showy funnel shaped unfurling spathe. The Spathe tapers to a point and is 6-9 inches wide. The Spadix of the flower rises straight out from the center of the spathe.

There are basically three kinds of bridal bouquets: The Nosegays, the Cascade Bouquets and the Contemporary bouquets. The Calla lily bridal bouquet is best suited for all these types of bouquets. The nosegay bouquets that use Callas lilies are usually interspersed with other flowers and look stunning in this arrangement. The Cascade bouquet features various flowers that descend below the main portion. These are most often used in traditional and formal weddings. These bouquets look stunning and need flowers with "character" to make them look nice. The beautiful white Callas lily looks astonishing in this arrangement. The white flowers with their slightly yellow hearts, their long stems and the typical twirl of the blossoms all add depth to this bouquet. The Callas lily bridal bouquet can also follow the modern contemporary lines. The contemporary bouquet is inspired by unconventional ideas and styles. These patterns do not have a specific form. These are usually created with flowers that have a certain form and have a depth of character. Contemporary bouquets seek to portray the individuality of the bride and are perfect for the cosmopolitan and sophisticated wedding.

Many weddings make use of the Callas lily theme. The flower arrangements and the bridal bouquet are all made of Callas lilies. The wine glasses, cake etc all carries the unique Callas lily design. The most popular Callas lilies for the bridal bouquet are undoubtedly the pure white Callas. These lilies are pristine white and look absolutely stunning. They look good whether they are used alone in floral arrangements or combined with other flowers in the bouquet. The white Callas lily bridal bouquet also has another significance. As white is traditionally associated with purity and innocence, the white Callas lilies carried by the bride is an extension of this symbolism. These bridal bouquets significantly point to the innocence and the unawakened sensuality of the virgin bride. Also, the straight and elegant lines of the beautiful callas lilies, instead of detracting from, actually focus on the beauty of the bridal gown. Thus, it enhances the beauty of the bride carrying it.

The more mundane side of the beautiful Callas lily is that the blossoms have an astonishingly long shelf life. These flowers have been known to remain fresh for 7-15 days if taken care of. Usually Callas lilies used in a bridal bouquet are cut just before they bloom fully. The flower along with its long stem is then introduced into a mix of warm water and floral preservative. This seeps into the stems and allows the flower to last for a longer period of time. The stems have a tendency to leak, so they need to be sealed before they are used. After 4-5 days, the end of the stem can be cut about half an inch from the bottom, and allowed to soak some lukewarm water. Clean the vase and change the water. This will keep the flowers fresh.

The Callas lily bridal bouquet also comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to mango and orange. All displays look stunning, but the white Callas bouquet is definitely the winner.

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