Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

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Every bride has a vision of what she wants to carry on her wedding day. Flowers play a very big part on the big day, and it is only natural that the bride would dream of getting the best possible flowers for her own wedding day. The Calla lily wedding bouquet is one of the premier flower arrangements in the weddings of today.

The Calla lilies are a treat to the senses. These flowers are extraordinary in their looks and appeal. What looks like a twirling swathe of flower and petals is actually a modified formation of the leaves. Most Calla lilies have sword shaped, deep green leaves. The blossoms are found on long solitary stems that rise a little above the foliage.

The stems of the plant spire up to 3 .5 feet and produce snowy white spathes that are 4-6 inches across. The flower carries a yellow heart.  The word "Calla" is derived from Greek, in which language it means 'beautiful'. The waxy white blooms are most suited to a bride in her beautiful gown.

The Calla lilies appear in a variety of colors, and each of them is just as beautiful. But the white calla lily is the favorite for wedding bouquets. The color white has long been associated with purity and innocence. Maybe the symbolism extends to the bride who is just as pure and innocent. Whatever the reason, these waxy white blooms appear in almost all kinds of bridal bouquets, be it the nosegay bouquets, the hand-tied bouquets, or the more trendy contemporary bouquets. The availability of long stems and the characteristic trumpet shape of the flower with its pure, long lines is very suitable to the contemporary bridal bouquet. The contemporary bridal bouquet is inspired by unconventional ideas, styles and patterns. These have no specific geometric form. This bouquet is actually an assorted collection of different kinds and sizes of flowers that manage to create a stunning visual appeal. The Calla lily is best for this sort of a look with its long stem and its beautiful flowers. The contemporary bouquet is created using flowers that have a definite form and can add character to a bouquet with its flamboyance. Callas and orchids match this category nicely.

Carnations are currently making a comeback. Callas have a new hybrid variety called as the Chinese Mini carnation. The velvety petals are in a shade of fuchsia and are black rimmed. They remind one of a butterfly flapping its wings. These Mini Hybrids are strong flowers with an excellent shelf life.

Calla lily wedding bouquets are a favorite also because they have an amazing shelf life. If taken care of properly, the blossoms stay fresh for about 5-10 days. Care must be taken to seal the stems with commercially available sealants so that the stem does not drip. Putting the cuttings in a mix of warm water and floral preservative will help to further increase the shelf life. The bouquet must be kept away from direct sunlight, heat, draft and air conditioners. To rehydrate the stems, make a clean cut on the stem of the flower about half an inch from the bottom of the stem. The stem should be placed in warm water. This will allow the stem to draw in more clean water. Remove and change the water as often as once a week.

The Calla lily wedding bouquet and floral arrangements are quite costly. This is because of the care the plant needs while it is grown. But the fragrance of the blossoms, along with the magnificence of the flower makes it a well-deserving member of the bridal bouquet.

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