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The calla lily candle has become a very popular wedding favor, especially for weddings where calla lilies have been used as centerpieces and in the bridal bouquet. A calla lily candle will look stylish and elegant at the banquet table, and is suitable for summer weddings as well as winter ceremonies.

he tradition of giving away wedding favors is very old and no one really knows how far back it dates. One of the first wedding favors recorded were small porcelain trinket boxes given away by European aristocrats.

These wedding favors could also be made from crystal and be decorated with precious stones. Inside the trinket box, you would find tasty confections made from sugar. During the 17 th century, Jordan Almonds were the most popular type of wedding favor, not the calla lily candle. Since the Jordan Almond is a bitter almond covered in sugarcoating, it symbolizes the sweet as well as the bitter parts of married life. In Italy, the wedding favor was known as a “ bomboniere” and would consist of five Jordan Almonds that symbolized Fertility, Happiness, Health, Wealth and a Long Life.

Today, wedding favors continue to be a popular tradition since they will not only make the dinner table look more beautiful – they will serve as a token of gratitude as well and your guests will get to keep a special memory from your wedding. The calla lily candle is a great wedding favor, since your guests can remember your wedding each time they light the handsome candle. You can even get a calla lily candle arrangement that gives of a delightful scent when lighted.

Different types of calla lily decorations:
Calla lily place holder
Calla lily band
Calla lily vase






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