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A corsage is a small flower bouquet which is usually worn at the shoulder or on the wrist, but it can be worn at the waist as well. The term corsage can also refer to the bodice or waist of a woman’s dress, and the word is related to the French word for body – cors. Calla lilies corsages are highly popular, since the calla lily is a large and impressive flower that can certainly stand for it self. If the calla lilies corsages are to be worn at the shoulder, they should be gently pinned on quite high and bend over the collar bone. The woman should be able to smell the sweet scent from the calla lilies corsages by slightly turning her head. Be sure to choose calla lilies corsages made from cultivars that still have the enchanting calla lily scent.

Calla lilies corsages come in many different styles and designs. Some women prefer to wear a big solitary calla lily as corsage; sometimes accompanied by a few fillers. Others prefer to combine several calla lilies in their calla lilies corsages – typically three large lilies. Regardless whether you want to have three flowers of the same color, three flowers from different colors, or one intense calla lily accompanied by two calla lilies of another shade, you will get beautiful calla lilies corsages. Calla lilies corsages can naturally also contain other flowers than calla lilies; combining calla lilies with roses or orchids are for instance very popular. Traditionally, Calla lilies corsages will always consist of an odd number of flowers – 1, 3 or 5.

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