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A calla lily decoration is ideal for almost any occasion, from causal dinner parties to wedding days and name giving ceremonies. You can obtain the calla lily decoration in a wide range of different styles, sizes and even materials. The most common calla lily decoration is of course created from fresh calla lilies, but a calla lily decoration can also be made from silk flower replicas. Since the beautiful and powerful calla lily has inspired artists and craftsmen all over the world, and your calla lily decoration can also be made from glass, metal, porcelain or even sugar and marzipan.

If you create your calla lily decoration from fresh flowers, you can make the calla lily decoration last much longer by following a few simple steps. The first one is naturally to select a good calla lily cultivator or floral shop that will provide you with fresh calla lilies of supreme quality. The second step is to rehydrate your calla lilies before you use them in the calla lily decoration. When the calla lilies are delivered to you, they have most likely been out of water for quite a while and you must therefore provide them with plenty of fluid to make them perk up again. You should also cut the stems using a sharp knife, since the stem ends will clog up when kept out of water for any extended period of time. Make a rehydrating solution using lukewarm water and some form of plant food. Store the flowers that are to be used in the calla lily decoration far away from any heat radiating appliances, including TV’s. The flowers as well as the finished calla lily decoration should also be protected from fans and air conditioners as long as possible, since dry air will harm the calla lilies.

Different types of calla lily decorations:
Calla lily place holder
Calla lilly candle
Calla lily Band
Calla lily vase








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