Calla Lily Floral Arrangement

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A calla lily floral arrangement can be suitable for any type of event, from festive dinner parties to solemn ceremonies commemorating loved ones. There are many things to keep in mind when creating a calla lily floral arrangement. To make the calla lily floral arrangement last longer, you should handle it as careful as possible and avoid any unnecessary touching of the flowers. When you must touch the calla lilies, you should always tough the stems rather than the flower heads. If you are including calla lilies in a handheld or arm carried bouquet, it is important to remember that flower streams can drip and form stains.

Fortunately, there are several ways of preventing this. The easiest method is of course to remove the calla lily floral arrangement from the water at least half an hour before the bouquet is to be carried. During the Victorian period, carrying a nosegay bouquet in an elaborate conical holder – a tussy mussy – was considered the height of fashion. The conical holder was usually made out of metal or glass and would protect the lady’s delicate gloves from rose thorns. The holder also served to efficiently prevent any stains from water drops. If you plan create a smaller calla lily arrangement, perhaps for your bridesmaid bouquets, you can follow this adorable Victorian tradition. For taller calla lily floral arrangements, tussy mussies are not a feasible solution. You can instead melt some wax and carefully dip each stem end in it. When the wax has dried, the ends of the stems will be safely sealed and no dripping will occur.

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