Calla Lily Flower Arrangement

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A calla lily flower arrangement is ideal for a wide range of occasions and can be fitted into most budgets. You can have your calla lily flower arrangement made from fresh calla lilies or artificial calla lilies made from silk or similar materials. A calla lily flower arrangement made from fresh flowers will naturally have a very limited lifespan, while a silk calla lily flower arrangement can be kept and used over and over again. A calla lily flower arrangement is not only appropriate for dinner parties, weddings and other forms of celebrations – the beautiful calla lily is also highly appreciated by interior designers and will look great in homes as well as in offices and public areas.

The calla lily is a striking and powerful flower, and its unique shape should be cherished and focused on when you create a calla lily flower arrangement. Its potency means that even those who are not professional florists can create a stunning calla lily flower arrangement, using only a few other components and their own imagination. A simple calla lily bouquet placed in a plain vase can turn into the natural focal point of an entire room, regardless of whether you choose traditional white calla lilies or some of the vivid blue, red, black, violet, yellow or orange calla lily variants.

A traditional calla lily flower arrangement will consist of a plain and quite slim vase and calla lilies that are of approximately 1.5-2 times the height of the vase. Don’t hesitate to experiment and use calla lilies of different length in your calla lily flower arrangement. Placing tall calla lilies in the back and a few shorter ones in front of them is an easy way of creating a chic calla lily flower arrangement.

Do not be afraid to use more than one color in your calla lily flower arrangement. You must of course take the rest of the room into account when you plan your calla lily flower arrangement, but most people are surprised to find how great a calla lily flower arrangement made up by several striking colors will look. Most of us hesitate when it comes to mixing several strong colors with each other and tend to stick to safe combinations, such as white calla lilies only or white calla lilies combined with a pale pink. A calla lily flower arrangement consisting of festive red, deep orange and vibrant yellow calla lilies will however form a spectacular autumn bouquet. A calla lily flower arrangement containing midnight blue, deep violet, and soft lavender calla lilies will look like the sky during a thunderstorm. Let your imagination free and compose a unique and impressive calla lily flower arrangement using your own favorite colors.

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