Fresh Calla Lilies

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Fresh calla lilies must be well cared for if you want them to last long and stay beautiful. Unpack the fresh calla lilies as soon as you receive them. Do not despair if a few flowers look limp, since you can reverse the withering process by providing your calla lilies with proper care.

deally store your fresh calla lilies in a cool room without strong sunlight. A room temperature from 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. The flowers must be provided with plenty of water to become rehydrated, and a room where the air is not too dry is recommended.

Ceiling fans and air-condition should be turned off, and the fresh calla lilies should be placed as far away as possible from radiators and other heat emerging equipment, including TV’s.

Fresh calla lilies should always be rehydrated before you include them in any type of floral arrangement. Rinse a bucket thoroughly and fill it with tap water. It is important that the water is not too cold; lukewarm water is recommended. Prepare a floral preservative according to the manufacturer's instructions and add it to the plant water. If you have received a lot of fresh calla lilies you should never try cramming them into one small container since this will harm the plants.

If fresh calla lilies are left without water for more than 20 minutes, their stem ends will close themselves and their water absorbing capacity will become reduced. When you receive your fresh calla lilies you should therefore use a pruner or a sharp knife to recut the stems under running water. You need to make the cut at least ¼ inch over the original cut. A slanted angle is better than a straight cut.











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