Growing Calla Lilies

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Growing calla lilies, stage 1

Growing calla lilies from seeds are not as difficult as many people believe, as long as you can obtain fertilized seeds of high quality. Some cultivars will not produce suitable seeds. If you notice that your calla lily has started to develop kernels, you must be patient. When the flower begins to fade, which can take several weeks, you can remove it from the plant. The kernels will eventually grow plump and quite large, and the stamen will look like a small cone. It can take the kernels a long time to mature, and they will become yellow and mushy and look as if they are decaying rather then developing.

Growing calla lilies, stage 2

The nest step when growing calla lilies is to harvest the mature seeds from the cone. Each kernel will contain between one and five 2 mm long seeds. Put the cone on a clean plate and gently squeeze out the seeds from the kernels. If you don’t want to plant the seeds immediately, you can store them in a warm and dry place. They will develop a dark brownish color, but can be stored for quite a long time without dying since the seeds are well protected.

Growing calla lilies, stage 3

Place the seeds on top of the soil and over them with ¼ inch of soil. The seeds should not be placed closer than ½ inch from each other. Keep the pot in a place where the temperature is 21° - 27° C. The soil must be kept moist, but never be waterlogged.

Growing calla lilies, stage 4

Eventually, small seedlings will emerge and begin to produce leaves. The germination time can be surprisingly long for calla lilies, so do not despair if you have to wait for your seedlings to show. When the seedling has produced at least 2-3 leaves, it is ready for repotting.

Growing calla lilies, stage 5

Most calla lilies require a resting period during their first year, but there are several colorful cultivars that do not need such dormancy during the initial year. Regardless of calla lily type, you can expect your plants to start producing flowers when they are three years or older. Under perfect conditions it is however possible for the calla lily to start blooming during its second year.

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