How to grow calla lilies

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You can either grow your calla lilies from bulbs or from seeds. Most people choose to grow calla lilies from bulbs, since it is easier, but growing your calla lilies from seeds is actually not very difficult if you follow our guidelines.

If you want to grow calla lilies from seeds, you must of course start by obtaining fertile seeds. If you have a healthy calla lily that is producing flowers, around 50 percent of the flowers will usually self-pollinate and start producing seeds. You should however keep in mind that calla lily cultivars can be completely sterile or unable to produce new plants that look like the mother plant.

Spread the seeds over nutritious soil and cover them with no more than ¼ inch of soil. The seeds should not be placed closer to each other than ½ inch, but it can sometimes be difficult to separate the seeds since they are quite sticky.

Calla lily seeds will need warm and most soil, but avoid over watering since soggy soil can harm the seed. The ideal temperature for growing calla lilies from seeds is between 21° - 27° C. The pot should be placed in a sunny spot, but protect the emerging seedlings from direct midday sunlight.

When the seedlings have produced two or three leaves, they are strong enough to be replanted. You don’t have to replant them yet, but sometimes the seedlings grow too close to each other since it is hard to separate sticky calla lily seeds from each other.

When the seedlings have become a little larger, you can treat them as you would treat mature calla lilies. It is important to keep the soil warm and moist, and the plant will appreciate plenty of sunshine as long as you protect it from very strong midday sun. As the plant grows larger, it will require repotting.









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