How to make a calla lily bouquet

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how to make a calla lilies bouquet

How to make a call lily bouquet, stage 1

When you have decided to make a calla lily bouquet, the first step is usually to decide which colours to get. This is of course a very individual decision, since all people have different feelings towards different flowers. A calla lily bouquet that one person describes as an outstanding composition of truly vibrant colours, can look loud and totally inappropriate in the eyes of someone else. There are however a few guidelines regarding colour selection that you can stick too if you feel confused. Don’t be too coy when selecting your floral arrangement. Cards, bridesmaid dresses, and similar will usually look best if you stick to one colour theme and avoid mixing several strong colours together.

When you get to the part where you are choosing your floral arrangements, you can however allow yourself to get a little wilder. The calla lily is a dramatic flower, and you can often combine several powerful calla lily colours without creating a tacky or overwhelming effect. Flowers originate from the wild and combining several strong colours will often produce a very festive effect, while still looking coordinated. You can use the colour theme from cards and bridesmaid dresses as a base, and then add 2-3 other matching colours. The second rule is not to panic if you receive calla lilies where the colours vary slightly from flower to flower. As mentioned above, using flowers is to add a wild element to the festivities and flowers will usually look great even when the colours vary somewhat. Remember, flowers are not printed cards. You can not order one hundred #4522 calla lilies.

How to make a call lily bouquet, stage 2

The second step when creating calla lily bouquets is typically to determine how many calla lilies you wish to include in the arrangement. Will you need calla lilies only for a bouquet, or do you want to use them in centrepieces and vases too? How about corsages and boutonnières? Do you wish ceremonial decorations for an altar? Should a car sport calla lilies?

How to make a call lily bouquet, stage 3

Some florists will offer you extra-tall calla lilies. These calla lilies are ideal when you wish to create a very tall calla lily bouquet or experiment with different stem lengths within an arrangement. Extra long calla lilies look great in upright vases, arm-held bouquets and cascade style arrangements. If you plan to create a more compact floral arrangement or a bouquet that features many different flowers in addition to the lilies, you rarely need to get extra long calla lilies. Extra-tall calla lilies will sometimes have a flower that is somewhat bigger than those found on ordinary calla lilies. This is why some people order extra-tall calla lilies for corsages and boutonnières even though the stem it self is of no importance.

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