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The calla lily is exceedingly popular at weddings, and for good reasons. The flower is not only gorgeous to look at; it is also a symbol of true and magnificent beauty according to the old flower language. The flower language experienced a boom during the 19 th century Victorian period. During this era, the social codes prompted strict control and telling the object of your affection of your true feelings could not been done openly. The flower language therefore became a way for loving couples to send each other passionate messages, while still conforming to the strict social etiquette. During this period, the stylish calla lily became a symbol for several related terms.

According to “Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms” that was published in Chicago in 1883, the calla lily meaning can be either modesty or delicacy depending on context. A well composed floral bouquet containing calla lilies as well as other flowers could convey a much more intricate message than what was possible using a single solitary flower. Another book published by John H. Young that same year – “Our Deportment, or the Manners, Conduct, and Dress of the Most Refined Society; including Forms for Letters, Invitations, Etc., Etc. Also, Valuable Suggestions on Home Culture and Training. Compiled from the Latest Reliable Authorities” – claimed that the true calla lily meaning was beauty, more specifically feminine beauty. According to “Kate Greenaway's Language of Flowers” from 1885, the calla lily meaning is magnificent beauty.

Always be careful when you combine your floral bouquet, since the calla lily meaning can be altered by the flowers with which it is combined. You can also use differently colored calla lilies to change the calla lily meaning.











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