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Mini calla lilies can be obtained in a wide range of different colours and are suitable for most occasions. Even if you order mini calla lilies, you can get them with extra tall stems. The stems will be thinner compared to those found on large calla lilies and more delicate. Mini calla lilies can be used just like large calla lilies, and will for instance look great in large floral arrangements, centrepieces, vases, hand-held and arm-carried bouquets, corsages and boutonnières.

Pastel coloured mini calla lilies – such as pallid pink, soft lavender and pale yellow mini calla lilies – are usually more sought after during spring and early summer, while the deeper and more saturated colours – including the burgundy, black, midnight blue and orange mini calla lilies – experience their peak during fall and winter.

Festive red mini calla lilies can sometimes be hard to obtain in December since these mini calla lilies have become exceedingly popular as contemporary winter holiday decorations. Mini calla lilies can naturally also be obtained in various white shades, including snow white, cream and egg-shell.

The care requirements for mini calla lilies do not differ from how you should care for larger calla lilies. When you have brought your mini calla lilies home, you should place them in water as soon as possible. Immediately unpack the flowers, and be careful not to harm them.

If mini calla lilies are left without water for more than 15-20 minutes, the stem ends will seal and there water absorbing capacity will be greatly reduced. We therefore recommended you to recut the stems of your mini calla lilies using a sharp knife or pruner. The new cut should remove at least ¼ inch of the stems, and preferably be diagonal rather than straight.

If your mini calla lilies look limp when you bring them home, they can need some support for the first few hours. This is especially true if you have chosen mini calla lilies with extra tall stems. The mini calla lilies are strong flowers and they will usually perk up as soon as they have been able to rehydrate. Use lukewarm tap water and a mild solution of plant food or plant preservative. Do not try to cram a lot of mini calla lilies into the same vase; they will recuperate much faster when provided with plenty of space. Use a bucket or jar if your vases are very narrow. Keep your mini calla lilies away from any heat source, e.g. radiators and TV:s. Air conditioners can make the air dry and thereby harm the mini calla lilies, and fans should also be avoided. A cool room where the temperature is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit will allow your mini calla lilies to fully recuperate before they are used in any form of floral arrangement. You should ideally allow your mini calla lilies to rehydrate for 6 hours before you include them in any arrangements.

If you have obtained high quality mini calla lilies and provided them with proper care, you can expect them to last from 4 to 14 days. By changing or at least refreshing the water every 24 hours you can increase the life time of your mini calla lilies. As mentioned above, heat and dry air will harm your mini calla lilies. Severe cold should naturally also be avoided.

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