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Miniature calla lilies are very popular since they feature the same strict elegance as the big calla lilies – only in a smaller package. Just as with large calla lilies, you can obtain miniature calla lilies in a wide range of different color variations. All the wild calla lily species are native to the African continent, but cultivars are today produced and refined all over the world. You can for instance purchase violet miniature calla lilies from South America and red miniature calla lilies from New Zeeland. In addition to the many tinted miniature calla lilies, you can of course also get pale white miniature calla lilies suitable for any occasion.

The violet miniature calla lilies from are subtle and refined, and therefore suitable not only for fancy dinner parties but as an everyday flower that will add beauty to any home or office. You can even use these soft miniature calla lilies in your bedroom, where they will create a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Imagine falling asleep with the mild scent of miniature calla lilies surrounding you.

If you long for more striking miniature calla lilies, you can for instance get festive red miniature calla lilies or cherry black miniature calla lilies. The brilliant red calla lilies can be used year round, but are especially popular around the winter holidays. If you choose high-quality miniature calla lilies and treat them well, you can make them last over the entire holiday season and well into February. The rare cherry black miniature calla lilies will instantly become the focal point of any room with their dramatic black and burgundy coloration. This type of miniature calla lilies will often have petals with an unusual leathery texture.

Different types of miniature calla lilies:
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