Mini Calla Lily Bouquet

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A mini calla lily bouquet is ideal for many occasions, but especially popular as bridesmaid bouquet. The mini calla lily bouquet will perfectly match a larger bridal bouquet made from big and long-stemmed calla lilies. The mini calla lily bouquet can preferably be created in the nosegay style or worn as a loose hand-tied bouquet where the stems are visible. The last type of bouquet can be either handheld or armheld, while a nosegay is always hand carried. Really small nosegay arrangements can however be pinned to hats or clothing, but this type of floral arrangement is typically too small even for a mini calla lily bouquet.

The nosegay is a small and rounded bouquet where they flowers often are directed forward rather than upward. The nosegay has a very long history and we know that it was popular in Europe as early as the 14th century. During the Victorian era, the most fashionable way of carrying a nosegay was by placing the stems inside a cone-shaped container known as a tussy mussy. This container serves to keep the carrier protected from thorns and dripping water, and is therefore a very good choice for a mini calla lily bouquet where the stems might drip. If you want to get a tussy mussy for your mini calla lily bouquet, you can have your pick among a wide range of styles and materials. Traditionally, most tussy mussies were made out of silver or glass, but you can also get golden, porcelain, steel, pewter and even plastic tussy mussies for your mini calla lily bouquet. The nosegay mini calla lily bouquet can also be decorated with bands, pearls and even small fruits and colorful berries.   

Different types of miniature calla lilies:
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