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pink calla lily

Pink calla lilies exist in a wide range of different shades. Some are almost white with just a pinkish shade, while others display a strong crimson color. In between, you will find traditional cerise and pink calla lilies. Many pink calla lilies also draw towards violet and burgundy.

All calla lilies, including the pink calla lilies found in flower shops, hail from a few wild African calla species. The calla lilies are known as calla lilies since they used to be considered a part of a genus named Calla, but they have now been moved to the genus Zantedeschia.

The genus Zantedeschia as well as the genus Calla belongs to the family Araceae, which means that the pink calla lilies are distant relations to many other popular flowers, such as Elephant ear, Titan arum and Flamingo Lily.

The well-known white calla lily originate from a wild calla species named Zantedeschia aethiopica, but most colored calla lilies hail from other less famous calla species. The pink calla lily can trace it's ancestry back to several different species, since many calla variants can produce pink or pinkish colors even in the wild. Zantedeschia albomaculata is one example of a species that sometimes form various pink shades in the wild, but this variable calla lily can also show orange and cream colored flowers. Zantedeschia rehmanni will almost exclusively produce pink flowers, and is also sought after by calla developers due to its gorgeous sword shaped leaves. Zantedeschia pentlandii is sometimes used for hybridization since it features unusually big flowers that are very popular in the florist trade.   

Pale pink calla lilies are often combined with white calla lilies to create a romantic pastel bouquet. A bride carrying a large cascade bridal bouquet containing tall white calla lilies will often choose smaller hand-tided bouquets made from white and pink calla lilies for her bridesmaids. Soft pink calla lilies are also common during ceremonies focused on young children, such as baptism celebrations where the altar can be decorated with pink calla lilies.

Pink calla lilies that display more powerful shades, such as crimson or cerise, will often be combined with other dominant colors, such as deep violet and purple calla lilies. This type of pink calla lilies will also look great together with vividly colored orchids.

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