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The calla lily place holder can be obtained in a wide range of different styles, and it is also exceedingly popular as a wedding favor. Using fresh flowers in you calla lily place holder is naturally very beautiful, but if you want your guests to be able to keep the place holder as a wedding favor, you can instead opt for another type of calla lily place holder. One popular type of calla lily place holder uses artificial calla lilies made from silk or similar materials. A high-quality calla lily place holder of this type will look very natural, but unlike a calla lily place holder made from fresh flowers, this type of place holder can be kept as an everlasting memory of the wedding ceremony.

Another popular form of calla lily place holder is the ceramic placeholder with an erasable surface. Since calla lilies are suitable for almost any occasion, from bridal showers to formal dinner parties, you will have a placeholder that you can use over and over again. In this type of calla lily place holder, the flowers are finely sculpted out of porcelain. Unlike the silk calla lilies, these flowers are an artistic interpretation of the fresh calla lily rather than a replication. A high-quality calla lily place holder will typically be hand-painted in order to create an elaborate frame for your guest’s name. Use a dry erase marker to write the names of each guest, and simply wipe off the placeholder after each dinner party. This type of calla lily place holder is also popular at weddings, since the guests can bring their placeholder home as a wedding favor. If the placeholder has a magnet inside, it can later be used as a refrigerator decoration that will make the wedding guests remember the wedding ceremony for years to come.

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