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The calla lily plant is often seen in elaborate floral arrangements, but you can actually grow this beautiful plant in your own home or garden where it will have a much longer lifespan that the flowers used in flower arrangements.

All calla lily plants belong to the genus Zantedeschia in the family Araceae. This genus contains 28 different species, but not all of them are calla lilies. You will for instance find the popular arum lilies in this genus together with the calla lilies. The calla lilies are known as calla lilies, since they used to belong to a genus named Calla before they were moved to Zantedeschia.

The thing that we usually call flower on the calla lily plant is actually a transformed leaf. The actual flowers are found on the club-shaped appendage. The modified leaf is called a spathe, while the club-shaped part is known as a spadix. Around the spadix you will find the female flowers far down, while the pollen filled make flowers are located at the upper part of the spadix.

If you want to grow your own calla lily plant, there are many different species to choose among. The well-known white calla lily plant is named Zantedeschia aethiopica. In the wild, this calla lily plant can be found in Southern Africa where it grows in marshy environments. As long as it is provide with enough water, it is a very sturdy species and it is actually considered a weed in many parts of the world. It can even endure shorter periods of frost, and will adapt to most soil types. This calla lily plant will multiply by rhizome-offsets. It will do best if you regularly give it some plant food. Zantedeschia odorata is a calla lily plant similar to the Zantedeschia aethiopica, but blessed with a wonderful freesia scent. Zantedeschia odorata is hard to obtain and can only be found in few places in South Africa.

Zantedeschia dbo-maculata is another white calla lily plant, but this species will produce spathes that are more cream colored than snow white. You can often notice a crimson shade at the base of the spathes, and the leaves are decorated with transparent white dots. If you want to keep a snow white calla lily plant, you can instead opt for Zantedeschia devonienst. This calla lily plant is also popular due to its floriferous nature.







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