Planting Calla Lilies

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Planting calla lilies is not very hard if you follow these simple guidelines. In tropical regions, planting calla lilies is something you can do year round, but in temperate regions you must select the day more carefully. Planting calla lilies is not recommended until the temperature has reached 55 degrees Fahrenheit, since a lower temperature will make the Calla lily stop growing. Planting calla lilies should also be avoided as long as there is any risk for frost, or if you suspect that the temperature might drop below 55 degrees F during the next 12 weeks.

Planting calla lilies in a sunny spot where they will receive plenty of light is advisable. These plants will however appreciate shade during late afternoon, especially if you live in a hot climate. We recommend planting calla lilies in moist soil that contains organic matter. The bulb should be placed 4-6 inches deep. When planting calla lilies in a pot, you can place the bulbs 6-12 inches from each other. When planting calla lilies directly in the outdoor soil, you should keep them 1-2 feet apart. During the growth period, your lilies will need plant nutrition once a month. It is also important to provide them with plenty of water.

Planting calla lilies in tropical regions means that you can leave the bulbs in the soil year round. If you live in a sub-tropical climate, you can mulch with straw or bark during the coldest part of the year. In colder parts of the world, you must remove the bulbs before the first frost. Gently brush away any excess soil and let the bulb dry during a few days by placing it in direct sunlight. Tuck away the calla lily bulb in a dry place where the temperature will stay in the 50-60 degrees F range.









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