Purple Calla Lilies

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Purple calla lilies come in many different shades, including lavender/ purple calla lilies, black/ purple calla lilies and midnight blue/ purple calla lilies. In the first group you will find pastel purple calla lilies that range from pale lavender to soft fuchsia. The black/ purple calla lilies are highly dramatic flowers suitable for experimental and contemporary floral arrangements. They range from almost black to a very deep and saturated purple shade. In this group you will also find chocolate colored purple calla lilies. The midnight blue/ purple calla lilies will often have a yellow spadix that produces a striking contrast.

One example of purple calla lilies that you can grow in your own garden is the Anneke Deep Purple Calla lilies. This calla variant hails from Zantedeschia rehmannii, a medium sized calla species that normally produces a pink flower. The Anneke variant of this species will instead display a deep purple color while the appendage is vividly yellow. The Anneke purple calla lily derive its name from the hybridizer’s wife. These purple calla lilies will typically reach a height of 24 to 36 inches when planted outside. They will appreciate full sun, as long as they are shaded during the most intensive part of the day. The Anneke purple calla lilies are not hardy in zone 6 or below, since they require a warm climate. If you plant them in a colder part of the world, you must dig up the bulbs before the first frost. Do not replant the bulb until there is no risk for frost. Many gardeners choose to plant their Anneke purple calla lilies in patio pots, and keep them as indoor plants during the cold season. Keep in mind that all calla lilies, including the Anneke purple calla lilies, require a 6-8 week resting period to do well.

Purple calla lilies are used in many different floral arrangements; from altar decorations to corsages and boutonnières. Combining purple calla lilies of many different shades, such as lavender black/ purple calla lilies, lavender/ purple calla lilies and midnight blue/ purple calla lilies, in a large floral arrangement will often produce a stunning effect and look like an ocean of flowers or the sky during a thunderstorm.








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