Red Calla Lilies

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Red calla lilies come in a wide range of different shades. Some red calla lilies are red-pinkish while others have a more red-orange tone. You can also get dark purple-red calla lilies where parts of the petals will look almost black. Vibrantly colored red calla lilies are often combined with other powerful flowers such as Cymbidiums orchids, Fresias and deep colored Lisianthus variants. Arranging many red calla lilies of different shades together will also produce a spectacular effect, while red calla lilies combined with violet and yellow calla lilies will bright up any occasion.

Around the winter holidays, the sale of festive red calla lilies increase dramatically since a lot of people have realized how the red calla lilies combine the traditional color of the season with a shape ideal for contemporary floral arrangement. Caring for red calla lilies is also quite easy and you can make them last well into February if you provide them with plenty of water and some plant food. Festive red calla lilies can certainly stand for themselves in a chic vase, but you can also use oasis filled baskets and trays to create elaborate holiday decorations using red calla lilies.    

Just like all other forms of calla lilies, the red calla lilies belong to a genus named Zantedeschia that is found in the family Araceae. In the genus Zantedeschia you will not only find calla lilies, but other popular flower such as the Arum lilies. The Arum lilies are bigger and floppier than the Calla lilies, and while the red calla lily are easy to obtain, the Arum lilies are mainly white. Calla lilies are called calla lilies since they used to be considered a part of the genus Calla, but they have now been moved to Zantedeschia.

All Zantedeschia species are native to the African continent, but today calla lilies are grown in many other parts of the world since they are so popular in floral arrangements. If you want to obtain red calla lilies, you can therefore get them from such varying places as New Zeeland, South American and the U.S. pacific coast. If you are planning to use red calla lilies for a larger event, you can save considerable amounts of money and get calla lilies of higher quality by spending some time comparing different suppliers of red calla lilies. Red calla lilies of high-quality are sturdy enough to handle shipping, as long as you follow a few essential guidelines and thoroughly re-hydrate your red calla lilies before you include them in any floral arrangements.

While the common white calla lily hails from Zantedeschia aethiopica, the red calla lilies cultivars traces their ancestry back to three wild calla lily species named Zantedeschia albomaculata, Zantedeschia pentlandii and Zantedeschia rehmanni. Zantedeschia albomaculata will form red calla lilies even in its wild form, but can also produce white, cream-colored, pink and orange blooms. It is found in southern Africa where it grows from Kenya to South Africa. Zantedeschia pentlandii will rarely produce strong red calla lilies in its wild form; this species tends to lean more toward yellow. The flowers are however unusually big and showy therefore sought after among calla lily developers. Zantedeschia rehmanni is popular due to its striking sword shaped leaves and will produce flowers in various pink shades.

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