Calla Lily & Rose Bridal Bouquet

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Combining calla lilies with roses are highly popular in bridal bouquets. A calla lily rose bridal bouquet combines the powerful calla lily with fine-looking and traditional roses. The calla lily rose bridal bouquet will usually belong to one of six different bouquet styles: armheld bouquets, cascades, colonial bouquets, crescents, handheld bouquets, or tussie mussies.

n armheld calla lily rose bridal bouquet is simple and natural, and created to be carried over the arm. It is ideal for the bride who aims for a natural look, since the long and beautiful stems of the calla lily will be exposed.

The style of the armheld calla lily rose bridal bouquet is somewhat similar to hand held bouquets, but armheld wedding bouquets are usually larger than handhelds and have a wilder look. An armheld calla lily rose bridal bouquet can contain anything from just one calla lily and a few roses to a large number of both flowers.

A cascading calla lily rose bridal bouquet have flowers descending below the main part of the floral arrangement. This type of bouquet is often very large and will dominate the bride’s outfit. The cascading calla lily rose bridal bouquet is often found at traditional weddings, but this does not mean that you have to go for a traditional design – you can get a cascading calla lily rose bridal bouquet that matches your own unique personality perfectly.

The colonial calla lily rose bridal bouquet is compact and evenly rounded and will usually contain several other flowers and fillers in addition to calla lilies and roses. One of the main differences between a traditional handheld bouquet and the colonial bouquet is the fact that a colonial bouquet will point forward rather than upward.

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