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Most people prefer to plant calla lily bulbs, but you can grow calla lilies from calla lily seed to. You should however keep in mind that cultivars can be sterile, or unable to produce seeds similar to the parent plant.

f you want to try growing a lily from a calla lily seed, you should start by looking at the flowers. In a well kept calla lily, it is not uncommon for at least 50 percent of the flowers to self-pollinate and produce seeds. Inside the flower, you can notice how small kernels are forming along the stamen.

Several weeks later, when the flowers begin to fade, you should cut off the flower. The stamen will soon turn into a cone-like shape, but it can take several months until it is has become fully mature.

Harvest calla lily seed from the cone by squishing out the seeds. Plant your calla lily seed in moist soil, no deeper than ¼ inch. The seeds should ideally be placed ½ inch from each other, but it can sometimes be hard to separate the seeds from each other. Put your pot in a warm and sunny place, and keep the temperature between 21° - 27°C. Do not allow the soil to dry out.

When the calla lily seed have turned into a seedling and developed 2-3 small leaves you can replant it if it grows to close to other seedlings. The germination process for a calla lily seed can be quite slow and you might have to wait up to a month before you notice any growth. Keep the seedlings in moist soil, but make sure that it never becomes soggy. The strongest midday sun can sometimes be too much for the small seedlings, and they should therefore be moved or provided with shade.











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