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The silk calla lily has grown immensely popular among interior decorators, florists and wedding planners alike since it is a long-lasting, allergy free, low maintenance alternative to the fresh calla lily. More and more people are developing floral allergies, and keeping a dinner party, wedding ceremony or similar occasion flower-free can therefore be necessary. Not using any floral decorations at all can however make many rooms look barren, and flowers are a sure way of creating a festive atmosphere. Many decorators therefore opt for the exquisite high-quality silk calla lily, since this flower will create a lovely environment without giving of any scent.

The silk calla lily is also a popular gift to friends and family members that are currently hospitalized or recovering from illness. Many hospitals have rules against live flowers, since strong scents can be unpleasant when you are sick – even if you are not usually allergic to flowers. A silk calla lily will perk up any nightstand without requiring any maintenance.

Today you can get a silk calla lily with a truly lifelike appearance – the only difference is that your silk calla lily will never wilt or become brown. The silk calla lily can be obtained in a wide range of styles and shades, and you can always get exactly the type of silk calla lily that you want. When ordering fresh calla lilies, you always have to expect slight colour variations from flower to flower since you are dealing with living organisms. Some colour variations can also be hard to obtain during certain seasons, and it might for instance be very difficult to obtain certain calla lily shades for winter weddings or late summer events. Some people do not wish to stick to the lifelike silk calla lily; they take the floral arrangement one step further and order a very large or elaborately shaped silk calla lily. The silk calla lily can naturally be obtained in all colours, unlike the fresh calla lilies which can only be found in a limited number of shades. This means that it is easy to get a silk calla lily that perfectly matches the overall colour theme for the event, even if that colour theme might be silver and electric blue.

An additional advantaged with silk calla lilies is that it can be ordered in advanced. You will have plenty of time to check the quality and shade of your flowers before they are to be used, and you never have to experience any unpleasant surprises the day before the big event. Since you will get your flowers a long time before the big day, you can match them to dresses, tablecloths, candles and so on well in advance. You can even use the silk calla lily for pre-wedding photo sessions without having to worry about withering and brown edges. The fact that time is not longer an issue will usually take a load of stress off from the engaged couple and their families. 

When it comes to wedding arrangements, many couples opt for the silk calla lily since they can keep it as an everlasting memory of their special day. Some couples wish to include their wedding flowers in the interior design of their home. This way, they will always be surrounded by romantic flowers that remind them of their wows and love for each other. Others choose to store their silk calla lily and only use it for special occasions, such as anniversary celebrations or the baptism of a child. Since the calla lily is such a versatile flower, the silk calla lily will be appropriate for a wide range of different occasions.

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