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There is naturally no such thing as the one, perfect calla lily vase – but there are a few general guidelines that you can follow when trying to pick out a calla lily vase. These guidelines should however be considered modest suggestions rather than strict rules, since the quest for a great calla lily vase always comes down to personal taste and preferences and a wide range of other things that will affect the choice of calla lily vase. How tall will the calla lilies be? Are the blooms of standard size or are you using mini calla lilies? What is the color of your calla lilies? Do you wish to combine calla lilies of different colors in your calla lily vase? Do you want the calla lily vase to contain other flowers than calla lilies? How large will the entire bouquet be? Where will the calla lily vase be placed? Should the calla lily vase be able to stand up for itself, or is it a part of a larger decoration plan

Great looking calla lilies can be turned into something quite mundane in an inappropriate calla lily vase, so devoting some time to the choice of calla lily vase is well worth it. A good calla lily vase will be an integral part of the floral arrangement and enhance the beauty of the powerful calla lilies.

The calla lily is a powerful flower than will look great even when kept on its own or accompanied with just a few fillers. You choice of calla lily vase will therefore not be limited to traditional vases. A single white and showy calla lily can for instance look amazing in a simple green or colorless glass bottle. An expensive calla lily vase does not have to be superior to an old glass container that you find in your garage.

According to general guidelines, the calla lilies should be 1.5 – 2 times the length of the calla lily vase to look their best. The length can however need to be adjusted to suit the particular shape of your calla lily vase. The most commonly found vase shapes are cylinder vase, bubble bowl vase, shallow bowl, bud vase, ginger jar, urn and trumpet/tulip. The cylinder vases and the trumpet/tulip vases are among the most popular shapes for a calla lily vase. The cylinder vase has straight sides, while the trumpet/tulip vase is narrow at the bottom and then gradually increases in diameter.

Different types of calla lily decorations:
Calla lily place holder
Calla lilly candle
Calla lily band



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