Calla Lily Wedding Centerpiece

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The calla lily wedding cake is of course essential on your calla lily themed wedding. There are many different methods by which you can turn an ordinary wedding cake into a breathtaking calla lily wedding cake. This means that you can serve your guests a beautiful and stylish calla lily wedding cake regardless of your budget.

rue calla lily enthusiasts can order a calla lily shaped wedding cake where a beautiful calla lily flower have been molded by a skilled craftsman and covered with marzipan, white chocolate or icing. Most couples prefer a traditional white calla lily wedding cake, but you can of course have the coating colored in any shade. Calla lily flowers come in a wide range of different colors and so does the calla lily wedding cake. Those interested in an even more fanciful calla lily wedding cake can let a tall green-colored cake-stem accompany the flower.

An easier way of creating a calla lily wedding cake is to use fresh calla lilies to decorate the wedding cake of your choice. A calla lily wedding cake can have one or just a few flowers placed on top, or be surrounded by an abundance of calla lilies. There is even a type of intricate calla lily wedding cake where one stage of the multileveled cake is devoted entirely to calla lilies.

If you do not wish to have the entire wedding cake look like a flower, you can always have just the top part of a multileveled calla lily wedding cake shaped like a lily. The rest of the cake will look like a normal wedding cake, and can preferably be decorated with fresh calla lilies on the sides.

A calla lily wedding cake can also preferably be decorated with lifelike silk calla lilies. These flowers can be purchased well in advance, and you do not have to worry about unpleasant surprises regarding size and quality on the day before your wedding, since you will receive your flowers long before your big day. Silk calla lilies can be created in any color in order to match the color theme for your wedding. By using silk flowers, you can create a truly unique calla lily wedding cake since you can get calla lilies in any size and color.

A very easy way of turning your wedding cake into a calla lily wedding cake is to purchase a calla lily cake topper. Cake toppers come in an abundance of different styles and designs, and can be fitted into any budget. We have already discussed silk calla lilies in this article, and silk calla lilies are often used to create beautiful and long-lasting cake topers for the calla lily wedding cake. There are also many cake-toppers to choose among where artists have interpreted the calla lily rather than trying to mimic it. These cake toppers can be made from metal, glass, porcelain or even plastic. They will often be fancifully decorated with silk bands, pearls and stones. If you choose a metal calla lily cake topper, you can have it engraved with your names and wedding date. A porcelain cake topper can instead be handed to a calligraphist who will hand-paint this information on the cake topper.

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