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The white calla lilies are the most well-known of the various calla lily variants, and are used for a wide range of floral arrangements. The white calla lilies are for instance extremely popular as wedding decorations, and many couples even choose white calla lilies as their wedding theme. The white calla lilies are then not only included in the bridal bouquet and the grooms boutonnière, but in the rest of the wedding decorations as well. Bridesmaids can naturally have white calla lilies in their bouquets. A very popular arrangement is to give the bride a large, cascading bouquet filled with tall stemmed white calla lilies, while the bridesmaids carry compact nosegay arrangement made from mina calla lilies. If the wedding theme has an ascent colour, such as pink or lavender, mini calla lilies of these shades are often included in the bridesmaid bouquets.

White calla lilies can also be used to decorate the room in which the wedding ceremony takes place, and be used as centrepieces for the following reception. If you choose to have white calla lilies as your wedding theme, there is really no end to what you can do. You can even have your wedding cake created in the form of a stylish white calla lily and covered in white chocolate or marzipan. If you prefer a traditional wedding cake, you can decorate it with freshly cut white calla lilies on the sides and use a white calla lilies arrangement as cake topper. A white calla lilies cake topper made out of metal can be engraved with your names and wedding date, and kept as an everlasting memory of your special day.

Another popular alternative is to have small white calla lilies created out of marzipan or sugar and use them as cake toppers. These works of art can not only be used to decorate the wedding cake; you can use them as decorative elements at the table too and artificial white calla lilies can be used as elegant wedding favors. Having placeholders made from white calla lilies will always look great, regardless of whether you want to have them made out of sugar, marzipan, silver, porcelain or silk. You can even get candles to comply with the white calla lilies theme.

A majority of the white calla lilies found the floral trade hails from a wild calla species named Zantedeschia aethiopica, while the colored calla lily variants usually trace their ancestry back to Zantedeschia pentlandii, Zantedeschia rehmanni and/or Zantedeschia albomaculata. Zantedeschia aethiopica is however not the only wild calla species capable of producing gorgeous white calla lilies. Zantedeschia albomaculata will often form orange and pink flowers, but can also produce white and cream colored blooms. Zantedeschia aethiopica is quite a hardy species, and it will even survive shorter periods of frost. Its natural habitat is African marshlands and it is therefore used to plenty of water. As long as you give a Zantedeschia aethiopica enough water and nutrition, it will be able to cope with most problems and adapt to different soil types. It is even considered a weed in some parts of the world, and will reproduce rapidly using rhizome-offsets.

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