Calla Lilies With Roses

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Calla lilies with roses will look great in any situation, and can be given away as gifts as well as used for centerpieces at big formal dinner parties. Choosing calla lilies with roses for wedding ceremonies are also highly popular all over the world. When calla lilies with roses are used in bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, they are usually shaped into one of the following traditional designs: hand-tied bouquets, nosegays, crescents, cascades, colonial bouquets, or armheld bouquets.

and-tied bouquets are a form of handheld bouquets that places emphasis on the natural form and growth of the flowers. A hand-tied bouquet created from calla lilies with roses will look casual and produce and natural and beautifully relaxed effect.

This type of bouquet is ideal for a bride striving for simple elegance and it is often used in garden ceremonies. Calla lilies with roses will be wrapped around the center of the bouquet and displayed in an upright fashion. When using calla lilies with roses in this type of bouquet, many florists choose to wrap the stems in matching ribbons or French braid them together.

The nosegay is a traditional form of floral bouquet dating back to 14 th century Europe. Nosegays became increasingly popular during the 18 th century Victorian era, where they were carried in cone shaped containers made from glass or metal – so called tussie mussies. Calla lilies with roses are still often worn as nosegays, since a traditional tussie mussy will protect the carrier from thorns and dripping water. The nosegay is a compact bouquet with an evenly rounded shape.

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