Yellow Calla Lilies

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The Yellow calla lily is highly popular in floral arrangement since the yellow color is suitable for so many different occasions. A yellow calla lily can be anything from pale yellow-white to a deep and striking yellow color. A yellow calla lily can also draw towards red and become almost orange, or contain pink elements. The deep colored yellow calla lily can preferably be combined with other vivid calla lilies, such as festive red calla lilies, mango calla lilies and bronze calla lilies. It will also look great together with vivacious orchids. The paler yellow calla lily is often kept with others of its own kind, or combined with more modest flowers. Adding fresh green fillings to a bouquet containing the pale yellow calla lily is often a very good idea.

All the different calla lilies, including the yellow calla lily, belong to the genus Zantedeschia in the family Araceae. These flowers are native to the African continent, but are today cultivated in many other parts of the world as well. Some Zantedeschia species are endemic to just a few regions in South Africa, while others are spread from the southern tip of the continent and all the way up Kenya and Malawi.

A Yellow calla lily can belong to any of several different calla lily species and cultivars. Many yellow calla lily species are commonly known as Golden calla lily in everyday speech.
Zantedeschia elliottiana is one example of a calla species that will produce golden flowers. The flowers of a Zantedeschia elliottiana will usually last around 2 weeks. Some flower experts believe that this yellow calla lily is a hybrid rather than a species. 

Two other examples of yellow calla lily species are Zantedeschia jucunda and Zantedeschia pentlandii. These two species are much sought after since they will grow large and showy flowers, but they can be difficult to find in the floral trade since they are quite rare. 

The yellow part of yellow calla lilies is commonly called the flower, but it is actually a special type of leaf. The true flowers are protected by this leaf and can be seen around the club shaped appendage inside the yellow leaf. The protecting leaf is called “spathe”, while the club shaped appendage is called “spadix”. The male pollen filled flower can be seen at the top part of the spadix, while the female flowers are located further down.





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